Unleash your Heart

Why your mind is robbing you of your heart....

A workshop that opens the inexhaustible power of your heart

Do you have something on your mind and can't say it? Do you have the feeling that you can do more and are somehow stuck? Then you should attend this workshop!

If you prefer direct contact with people, why should you work in an office as a clerk? Just because you learned this profession many years ago doesn't mean it has to stay that way. When choosing your work, always think of your heart first and only afterwards of your earnings. Of course, earnings are also an important criterion. But working unhappily just for the sake of money will wear down your heart in the long run.

„If the people who are unhappy in their work would give the place to those who would like to do this work, there would be a place for the work they would like to do in another place.“

Of course, the statement is a bit risky. Maybe you don't think it's possible at all. Maybe not one hundred percent. I'll share my thoughts on this with you, but first there are a few things we need to block out together. Firstly, we need to switch off our ego that influences the thoughts we have when we want something that others expect from us. For example, that you are only good enough if you have this or that or if you are that..

"Learn to follow your heart and show your mind that it can always be mistaken...."

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