"You have to do this and this, then this!" Does it sounds familiar?

the major changes of the last year have presented us with many challenges.

how have we responded to them, how are we responding to them this year?

What do you want to change in your environment, in your life?

Unleash your Heart

Why your mind is robbing you of your heart....

A workshop that opens the inexhaustible power of your heart

Do you have something on your mind and can't say it? Do you have the feeling that you can do more and are somehow stuck? Then you should attend this workshop!

If you prefer direct contact with people, why should you work in an office as a clerk? Just because you learned this profession many years ago doesn't mean it has to stay that way. When choosing your work, always think of your heart first and only afterwards of your earnings. Of course, earnings are also an important criterion. But working unhappily just for the sake of money will wear down your heart in the long run.

The Learning Industry will face disruptive changings

Knowledge is changing rapidly, science and research will discover more and more false assumtions in our knowledge history databases.

I see the way we'll learn in future will have to change rapidly. We will go away from the old uniformed learning systems to the more human customised and personalised learning. Every student will have his own curriculum based on his capabilities, which are discovered in the beginning of each year via an assessment test. This will be a great challenge for schools, universities, teachers and students. In 2020 we faced the first changes and the new directions.

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The great awakening is in us !

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